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About the GDA

The development of the technology has been partly funded by the Australian Government and the balance by Opal industry based company Opal Producers Australia Limited (O.P.A.L).

O.P.A.L contracted CSIRO to carry out image capture analysis and software engineering and now O.P.A.L has incorporated this knowledge into the GDA™ for defined opal characterisation.

O.P.A.L contracted Applied Robotics Pty Ltd, an Australian based company who are leaders in their field of robotics engineering, for the development of the hardware component for the GDA™ technology.

Until now, the assessment of an opal has been a highly subjective and inconsistent process, because, opals have a unique range of colour characteristics that makes them by far the most difficult gemstone to appraise. Colour qualities such as ‘flash’, the way an opal reflects light and colour as it is moved or rotated, can vary with human eyesight and lighting conditions.

An assessor’s judgment of an opal’s colours, the brightness of those colours and the area of each of them on the opal is an extremely difficult task for the human mind to quantify, even for a skilled opal assessor, which makes consistent grading impossible.

The new GDA™ technology incorporates an image capture system in a controlled environment, together with specifically developed software analysis and automation to overcome these human difficulties, to achieve objective consistent and reliable grading results, making branding possible.

The precious opal gemstones that have been graded by the GDA™ grading technology are allocated a grade that is consistent and authenticated by a Certificate that details the grade.

GDA™ graded opal will improve demand and confidence to all participants in the opal supply chain, from the miners through to the end consumers.

GDA™ is proudly supported by:
Opal Producers Australia Limited