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Australian OpalAustralian Opal

The first Australian opal was discovered washed out of the surrounding 100 million year old sediments in the nineteenth century. The brightness and colours were like nothing ever seen before and, thus, the legacy of the Australian opal began. Today, Australia is the world’s leading producer of precious opal. A large group of miners from the main opal producing areas of Australia supply opals to the industry-based company, Australian Opal Miners Trading Company Pty Ltd™. This ensures that GDA Certified™ opal has the highest quality and most diverse range of opal types, colours and patterns.

Black body toned opal is found at various locations, but the only place where it is consistently found in commercial quantities and gem qualities is in the famous fields of Lightning Ridge, in northern New South Wales. Boulder Opal is found in Queensland, in areas such as Winton, Quilpie and Yowah. White and Crystal Opal are predominantly found in areas such as Coober Pedy in South Australia and White Cliffs in New South Wales, Australia.

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