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History of OpalHistory of Opal

Precious Opal has been treasured throughout history and around the world.

Two thousand years ago, the Ancient Romans popularised opals and Pliny the Elder wrote that opal was the most highly prized and valuable of all the gemstones in the Empire. Since then, these gems have had a relationship with some of the most powerful and beautiful figures of all time.

Mark Anthony attempted to win the heart of Cleopatra by presenting her the coveted Hungarian opal. Napoleon presented his Empress Josephine with the “Burning of Troy,” a magnificent opal with brilliant red flashes. Queen Victoria originated the fashion for wearing these precious gemstones and was one of the first to appreciate the unique and precious opals from an exciting new source: Australia. It did not take long before famous designers such as Tiffany, Lalique and Cartier began using opals in their jewellery.

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